ToonTown District Attorney's Office

District Attorney

Sir Duke Fizzletoon

Assistant District Attorney

Jason DSas Wunderkind


January 1, 2011

The ToonTown District Attorney's Office is where a group of toons come together and face any and or all of the cogs bosses. Depending on the level of the toons cogsuit and skill that the toon usues, he, or she, becomes a ranking member of the D. A.'s Office.

The District Attorney's Office in currently recruiting new recruits with the thanks of the new function of the game called the Field Offices. In recent memory, the DA's Office has offered activities to the Attorneys' at lartge during the week.


The concept of The ToonTown District Attorney's Office is directly going pun joke spin-off of the Lawbot's District Attorney's Office facilities in the Lawbot HeadQuarters. Sir Duke Fizzletoon is the District Attorney at the current point of time and is looking forward with other toons to join the D.A.'s Office on the ToonTown Council's forums. Sir Duke Fizzletoon is a green duck who is trapless 115 laugh toon who's Lawbot cog suit (disguise) is a level 10 Spin Doctor. With the next victory over the Chief Justice (CJ), Sir Duke Fizzletoon will be a level 7 Legal Eagle. And with this, he is also a level 39 Mr. Hollywood, level 23 Robber Barron, and level 7 Yesman in other cog suit disguises. He is joined by Jason Das Wunderkind, a 102 laugh soundless green bear, as a level 6 Name Dropper and a level 7 Tightwad disguises (Sellbot and Cashbot respectively). Other toons trying to gain membership in the group are Miss Clairee, Sir Evgeni, Master John, and ATTA My Mind. All mentioned toons who are placing membership in The ToonTown District Attorney's Office have varied amounts of Sellbot cog suit disguises. In order to place membership in the D.A.'s Office, it is requires to have the Sellbot disguise as the initial process while other disguises like the other three disguises (Cashbot, Lawbot, and Bossbot) suits disguises are later in the game. The ToonTown District Attorney's Office runs with Toons United during boss runs and mingle with other guilds/clans/groups as well since the ToonTown District Attorney's Office (TTDAO) is small in nimbers but are the leading guild to help new and existing toons with tasks, gag training, and cog buildings/field offices.