A Toon, or Toons, are the heroes of ToonTown' and they range from Bear, Cat, Dog, Horse, Monkey, Mouse, Pig, Rabbit. Each Toon will come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The Toon will be created when you create, or start another one, in the main game launcher. The Toons' job is to defeat the Cogs from taking over ToonTown with their buildings, invasions, and/or Cog HeadQuarters. The Toon will start at 15 laff points and work their way to 137 laff points. They will also start with throw and squirt gags at the beginning of the game, but, after completing certain toontasks, he or she will get a bigger Gags (bags, amount of Gags, and higher G'ags to use). Also, the Toon will start will the 40 jellybean bag and work their way to 250 jellybean bag. The Toon will automatically start with a twig fishing rod.