Listen closely and maybe you’ll be able to hear some soothing music. Minnie is always wandering around her melodious neighborhood of music, so be sure to say hi! After you complete the Daisy Gardens Toontasks, you will work on Minnie's Melodyland Toontasks. And as with all other neighborhoods, Minnie's Melodyland contains the Toon H.Q., Gag Shop, Pet Shop, and Clothing Shop.

The items in Minnie's Melodyland that restore your laff points are Blue Music Notes and they restore 10 laff points each.

The streets here include Tenor Terrace, Baritone Boulevard and Alto Avenue. The Cogs on these three streets range from levels 3 - 6, and no higher. buildings (floors 1 - 4) are found here.

Below is a table of the streets and percentage of cogs on those streets.

Cogs Bossbots Lawbots Cashbots Sellbots
Tenor Terrace 50 % 50 % 0 % 0 %
Baritone Boulevard 0 % 0 % 90 % 10 %
Alto Avenue 0 % 0 % 50 % 50 %