This is a list of all Big Brothers' terms.

Game Related Terms Edit

Food Competition Edit

This was a new game element since season two of Big Brother. Each week, the houseguests compete for food for the week. When a team of houseguests looses the Food Competition, those toons will go on a Peanut Butter and Jelly diet for their meals for the week.

Houseguest Edit

This is also known as housemate. The houseguest competes for half a million jellybean prize and the first runner up receives fifty thousand jellybean prize. Each season of Big Brother, a selected amount of toons will compete for power, food, luxuries, and the ultimate grand prize of half a million jellybeans and the title of winner of Big Brother.

Luxury Competition Edit

This was a new game element in second season of Big Brother. In this competition, the houseguests compete for special items, such as jellybean rewards, special treatment, or change the games' dynamics, and the houseguests are thankful enough for these competition.

Power Related Terms Edit

Head of Household Edit

The Head of Household, or HoH, was a new element to the game since Big Brother 2. Each week, all houseguests compete to win the power to nominate two houseguests for eviction. Only the first week and the last HoH competitions that all toons are allowed to compete; otherwise the outgoing HoH is ineligible to compete. When the is a tie in the votes to evict the two nominees, the HoH will be the tie-breaker vote, but, this is usually done with even amounts of votes. Since the introduction of the Golden Power of Veto, or Veto or PoV, the winner of PoV has the oppertunity to remove only one nominee. The last PoV is the Final Four placement.

Power of Veto Edit

The Golden Power of Veto, also known as Veto, PoV, or Power of Veto, the winner can elect to use it to save just one nominee. The last PoV competition is the Final Four toons placement and when this occurs, the nominee-free who is PoV winner and elects to use it, that toon will be the replacement nominee.Rumor has it that there maybe a diamond power of veto in the seasons to come.


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