Goofy's Speedway is where Goofy us located. The speedway us located Northwest of ToonTown Central. This is where you do not have any items that restore your laff points. There isn't any streets that leads anywhere. There are no cogs or cog buildings in the speedway.

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The 3 Karts Available To Purchase.

Accessorize one of three kart models - Roadster, Toon Utility Vehicle, or Cruiser - with paint, decals, rims, hood ornaments, spoilers, and more - all available for purchase with tickets in Goofy's Auto Shop. Each Toon starts with 200 complimentary tickets to purchase a starter kart and basic accessories. Grease monkeys at the counter are on hand to help with your kart and accessory selection.

Below is a table of the karts and prices ob the accessories. On Mondays, there is a Grabd Prix every Monday to see how well the toons do in racing.

Kart Prices
Toon Utility Vehicle - TUV

Color Price
Maple Street
Oak Street
Elm Street