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Gags are silly weapons used by Toons to defeat Cogs. Cogs cannot take a joke so if a Gag is used on them they will get weaker until they explode. If the Cog is a high level, and the Gag is a low one, the Cog will not explode. Gags can be aquired by going to Goofy's Gag Shop for 1 Jellybean per Gag, or you can grow them by planting the 1st Gag of that Gag Track in your garden at your estate. (Hint: If you do that, your gags will get extra points! *Lure will get to accuarcy medium)

There are seven types of gags, and they are the following: Toon- Up, Trap, Lure, Sound, Throw, Squirt and Drop. You can only pick 6 tracks, so choose wisely! Gags grow more stronger as you use them over and over. When you reach the last gag, you have to use 500 XP to get it again. If you already have it, it will just save at 0 until you use it.