Donald's Dock, the seaside neighborhood east of ToonTown Central. This neighborhood features a boat that circles around a lake where you can swim. The boat is also sailed by none other than Donald Duck. After you complete the ToonTown Central Toontasks, you will work on Donald Dock Toontasks .And as with all other neighborhoods, Donald’s Dock contains the Toon H.Q., Gag Shop, Pet Shop, and Clothing Shop as well as Chip n Dale‘s Acorn Acres.

The items in Donald Dock that restore your laff points are Sea Stars and they restore 10 laff points each.

The streets here include Seaweed Street, Barnacle Boulevard and Lighthouse Lane. The Cogs on these three streets range from levels 3 - 6, and no higher. Lots of buildings (floors 1 - 4) are found here.

Donald's Dock is one of only two playgrounds in which the Toon "supervisor" (Donald Duck) does not talk. The Brrrgh, in which Pluto resides, is the other one.

Below is a table of the streets and percentage of cogs on those streets.

Cogs Bossbots Lawbots Cashbots Sellbots
Seaweed Street 0 % 0 % 90 % 10 %
Barnacle Boulevard 10 % 10 % 40 % 40 %
Lighthouse lane 90 % 10 % 0 % 0 %