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The second season of Big Brother, the American reality TV show aired twenty-nine episodes during the summer of 2010 from June to August. The show marked a major change in format and rules from the previous debut season.


Changes introduced in this season included:

  • Though not a rule, twelve contestants appeared on Big Brother 2, opposed to ten on Big Brother 1.
  • The HouseGuests no longer gave nominations that were voted on by the public. Instead, they competed to become Head of Household (HoH). The winner of this position was given a separate bedroom and the right to nominate two HouseGuests for eviction. With this format turnaround, contestants were highly encouraged to talk about gameplay, strategy, and especially nominations, making the American series the first to do such, unlike other international formats, where contestants are warned or severely punished for exposing their nominations to another.
  • The ultimate winner of the show was determined by a vote of the ousted HouseGuests rather than the public. During this season, and season three only, however, all ousted members of the house, became voting members of the jury while in future season only those HouseGuests who lasted until the final weeks became jury members. In addition, all HouseGuests were allowed to immediately return to their regular lives (and watch the show) upon being evicted, returning at the end to cast their jury votes. Beginning with season four, all jury members are now sequestered until the end of the show. Justin Sebik, who was expelled, did not return for the finale and did not play a part in the final vote.
  • In a special twist this season, the two remaining HouseGuests got to decide which HouseGuest's vote they could void, in hopes that their vote was for their opponent, and that they would gain an advantage over the other player.
  • During this season, the food competitions were introduced. HouseGuests competed against each other for the right to win food, and the losers were put on a diet of only Peanut Butter and Jelly for all their meals for the week. The Peanut Butter and Jelly punishment diet lasted through until Season 7 when it was replaced with the "Slop" punishment diet.
  • This season marked the end of the free internet feeds that the public had access to during the show's first season, and CBS introduced a paid user fee system.
  • The house itself was renovated. Evicted HouseGuests did not exit into the outside world as in Season One. Instead, they exited into a small courtyard connecting to a closed studio where they were interviewed by Julie Chen. After their interview with Julie they would meet up with family members or friends in a feature that was dropped in later seasons.
  • The announcer from Season 1 returned to narrate the opening to episode 2 of Big Brother 2, but was thereafter replaced by another announcer.

Memorable eventsEdit



A weekly summary table of tasks, evictions, major events, and other notable moments in the Big Brother house follows.

Week 1 Events
  • On Day 1, Twelve HouseGuests moved into the Big Brother house.
  • On Day 2, Mike became the first Head of Household.
  • On Day 6, Nicole and Sheryl were nominated for eviction.
  • On Day 10, Justin was expelled from the house after he held a knife to fellow HouseGuest Krista's throat while they were both intoxicated.
  • HoH: "Wheel of First Impressions"; one person spins the wheel and tells which two HouseGuests best fit the descriptions it lands on (for example: "Smartest," "Sexiest," "Loudest"). The rest of the HouseGuests vote on which of these two they'd prefer to be the Head of Household. The votes go on until one HouseGuest remains. In the end, two HouseGuests remain. The other HouseGuests choose anonymously as to which of these two will be Head of Household.
  • Food: "All Stuffed Up"; the HouseGuests have to stuff themselves and a hefty supply of groceries into a 2002 Buick Rendezvous SUV and remain there for a full sixty seconds. If successful, they keep the food and eat well. If they fail, then it's "PB and J" all week long. While still stuffed into the 2002 Buick Rendezvous, the HouseGuests are surprised to learn that whoever is the last to exit the SUV gets to keep it. To make it even more difficult, they can't sleep, smoke or take bathroom breaks.
  • Luxury: "The Dirty Dozen"; an inflatable pool in the backyard is filled with mud. 24 keys are mixed into the mess. 12 have a HouseGuest name on it. Starting with Mike, the HouseGuests have to find the 12 keys with their names on them. When a name key is found, that HouseGuest can help with the search. When all 12 keys are found, the HouseGuests have to get back to their starting point. If they accomplish their mission in under 6 minutes, the backyard hot tub will be unlocked for them. The house won the hot tub.
  • Luxury: "Bird's Eye View"; while the Head of Household is isolated inside the house, the other HouseGuests have five minutes to decide what gourmet food they want to eat, then spell it out using their bodies to form the letters. From an elevated chair, the HoH has to read what they've written in order for them to get the meal.
  • Autumn, Bunky, Hardy, Justin, Kent, Krista, Mike, Monica, Nicole, Shannon, Sheryl, and Will entered the House on Day 1.
  • On Day 10, Justin was expelled from the House. On Day 12, Sheryl was evicted by a vote of 5-3.
Week 2 Events
  • Due to Justin's expulsion the live Head of Household competition was held on Saturday instead of Thursday.
  • On Day 14, Krista became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 14, Krista nominated Autumn and Kent for eviction.
  • HoH: "To The Mat"; each of the HouseGuests stand blindfolded on mats in the backyard. Julie Chen asks questions about their housemates, instructing the HouseGuests to take a step forward to give one answer, stay in place for another.
  • Food: "A Pound of Flesh"; the HouseGuests split along gender lines, men vs. women. Everyone writes their own estimated body weight on a dry erase board. Brought outside, they are weighed on a scale. Their estimated and actual weights are added. Whichever side's estimated weight comes closest to their actual weight gets food for the week. The boys won over the girls by one point.
  • Luxury: "Ride The Bull"; the HouseGuests face off, male vs. female, in a mechanical bull riding competition. Three guys (Will, Hardy and Bunky) and three girls (Autumn, Shannon and Nicole) have to ride the bull for thirty seconds to move into round two. In round two, with the speed of the bull increased, at least one team member has to stay on the bull for thirty seconds to qualify for victory.
  • On Day 19, Autumn was evicted by a unanimous vote of 7-0.
Week 3 Events
  • On Day 19, Hardy became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 21, Hardy nominated Shannon and Will for eviction.
  • HoH: "By The Numbers"; in a single elimination format, the HouseGuests are asked a series of number based questions that they silently answer by raising paddles, each branded with a number 0-9, with all of the questions pertaining to the HouseGuests themselves.
  • Food: "Catch of The Day"; the HouseGuests request three food items, which are written onto yellow balls. One hundred balls, all with groceries written on them, including the 27, are thrown over the walls of the Big Brother compound. The HouseGuests will be given the items they catch. If a ball touches the ground, that item is eliminated. If a HouseGuest picks a ball up from the ground, that HouseGuest is disqualified and anything they caught goes with them. There are no supplemental groceries for the week, meaning meals can be made only from these items.
  • Luxury: "Cross-Dressing"; the House splits into two teams. (Team One: Monica, Will, Krista and Mike. Team Two: Bunky, Shannon, Nicole and Kent.) Each team has two members wearing blue and two members wearing red. The teammates stand on opposite sides of a clothesline. The object is for the reds to pass their clothes across the line to the blue team (and vice versa), then get dressed in the new clothes. The winning team will be the one that gets dressed first. Bunky, Shannon, Nicole, and Kent won a special laundry service.
  • On Day 26, Shannon was evicted by a unanimous vote of 6-0.
Week 4 Events
  • On Day 26, Kent became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 28, Kent nominated Mike and Krista for eviction.
  • HoH: "Higher/Lower"; the HouseGuests are questions that come with a suggested answer and the HouseGuests have to decide if they think the real answer is higher or lower than the one given. If they think it's higher, they step up on the podium; if they think it's lower, they take a step down. The HouseGuests are eliminated with one wrong answer until only one remains. In the tie-breaker round, Kent beat out Mike and won the competition.
  • Food: "Food Pyramid"; each HouseGuest is assigned a food group and must answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly in order to have those items for the week.
  • Luxury: "Spinning Discs"; each HouseGuest selects one CD he or she would most like to listen to. Given 10 blank CDs, the HouseGuest who tosses the most CDs into a bowl floating in the pool wins his or her chosen CD plus a personal stereo. Monica wins with 5 CDs in the bowl.
  • On Day 33, Mike was evicted by a vote of 4-1.
Week 5 Events
  • On Day 33, Hardy became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 35, Hardy nominated Kent and Will for eviction.
  • HoH: "Face The Facts"; the HouseGuests answer a series of questions about the evicted HouseGuests and the outgoing HoH using a cube had the faces of those HouseGuests and a blank for none of the above. If a player was incorrect, the they were eliminated. Hardy was the last remaining player and became HoH for the second time in a row.
  • Food: "The Perfect Meal"; each HouseGuest tells Big Brother his or her favorite meal, with all the trimmings. Then, each HouseGuest is assigned a day of the week that he or she will be responsible for. The object is for each HouseGuest to eat their favorite meal in under five minutes after it has been liquefied in a blender, then keep the food down for three minutes. If someone fails, the group eats PB & J that day.
  • Luxury: "Rescue 911"; each HouseGuest dresses a dummy in his or her likeness. With everyone out back, the dummies are hidden in various places in the House. The HouseGuests, split into teams of men vs. women, are blindfolded and have to enter the House, find a dummy and bring it back out to the safety of the basketball court. The first team to find three dummies and rescue them wins the luxury of their choice, for up to $100.
  • On Day 40, Kent was evicted by a unanimous vote of 4-0
Week 6 Events
  • On Day 40, Nicole became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 42, Nicole nominated Krista and Monica for eviction.
  • HoH: "Pushing It To The Limit"; the HouseGuests slide keys down a two-lane board towards a series of markers, each representing a different room in the house. Whoever lands their key closest to the Head of Household marker will be the next HoH. Nicole was the closest and won HoH.
  • Food: "A Is For Apple"; in the backyard the HouseGuests find a giant bowl of alphabet cereal, a large spoon and a 7 foot tall milk carton. Each HouseGuest has 60 seconds to climb into the cereal bowl and find two plastic letters, then name as many foods as they can that start with that letter. Their weekly food supply will be made up of foods that they were able to name.
  • Luxury: "All The News That Fits"; he HouseGuests break into three teams of two people and are asked a series of questions about what may have happened in the outside world while they were in the Big Brother House. The team with the most correct answers after three questions would win three minutes in the Diary Room with current magazines, newspapers and a newsreel playing on a television. Will and Bunky won.
  • On Day 47, Krista was evicted unanimously by a vote of 3-0.
Week 7 Events
  • Due to Justin's expulsion in week 1, no Head of Household competition or nomination ceremony took place.
  • Instead the HouseGuests competed in a food competition and luxury competition for the duration of the week until week 8.
  • Food: "An Offer Almost Too Good to Refuse"; the HouseGuests are dispatched by Julie Chen to find jars of peanut butter hidden throughout the House. They are brought into the Diary Room one by one. Julie offers each $2500 against the HouseGuests having to eat PB&J for five days, with the understanding that Big Brother would not reveal anyone's decision to the group. Bunky holds out for $5000 and four days of PB&J, for the house, before accepting the offer and winning the competition.
  • Luxury: "Blockbuster"; each HouseGuest has to free a movie ticket frozen into the center of a block of ice. The first one to remove the ticket and drop it into a ticket bin, wins a special screening of the blockbuster movie American Pie 2 in the Head of Household room. Bunky won the competition and chose to take Monica with him.
Week 8 Events
  • On Day XX, X became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day XX, X nominated XX and XXX for eviction.
  • HoH: "Big Brother Road Trip".
  • Food: "Big Brother Jenga".
  • Luxury: "The Great Escape".
  • On Day XX, X was evicted from the Big Brother house by a vote of 2-1. XX as Head of Household had to cast the tie-breaker vote.
Week 9 Events
  • On Day XX, X became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day XX, X nominated XX and XXX for eviction.
  • On Day XX, X from Survivor came to speak to the last remaining houseguests.
  • HoH: "Strange Bedfellows".
  • Food: "Shop 'til You Drop".
  • Luxury: "Fire and Ice".
  • Luxury: "Crack the Code".
  • On Day XX, X was evicted by a vote of 1-0.
Week 10 Events
  • On Day XX, Toons 10 and 12 accumulated the most points combined in part one and two of the final Head of Household competition, thus advancing to the part three of the Final HoH household.
  • On Day XX, X won part three of the final Head of Household competition.
  • HoH Pt.1 "Part One".
  • HoH Pt.2 "Part Two".
  • HoH Pt.3 "Part Three".
  • On Day XX, Toon 10 was evicted by a vote of 1-0 and Toon 11 and Toon 12 became the final two.
Finale Events
  • On Day XX, the final two went up against the jury of nine to discuss why they should be given the $500,000 grand prize.
  • On Day XX, the nine evicted HouseGuests returned on finale night to cast their vote for the winner of Big Brother 2.
  • Toon 1 and Toon 2 were given a chance to nullify one of the jury member's votes. Toon 1 nullified Toon 3's vote, while Toon 2 nullified Toon 4's vote.
  • By a vote of X-X, Toon 1 was named the winner of Big Brother 2.
  • On Day XX, Toon 1 and Toon 2 left the house after being named the winner and runner-up of Big Brother 2, respectively.

Voting historyEdit

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Eviction votes received
Head of Household MikeKristaHardyKentHardyNicoleNo Head of HouseholdHardyMonicaNicole
Nominations Nicole
Toon 01 NicoleAutumn NominatedKrista NominatedKristaNo voting NominatedHardy Nominated Winner
Toon 02 NominatedAutumnShannonMikeKent Head of HouseholdNo votingBunky Nominated Monica Template:Nowrap
Toon 03 NicoleAutumnShannonMikeKent NominatedNo votingWill Head of Household Evicted
(Day 77)
Toon 03 SherylAutumn Head of HouseholdMike Head of HouseholdKristaNo voting Bunky Nominated Evicted
(Day 68)
Toon 04 SherylAutumnShannonMikeKentKristaNo voting Nominated Evicted
(Day 61)
Toon 05 Sheryl Head of HouseholdShannon NominatedKent Nominated Evicted
(Day 47)
Toon 06 Sheryl NominatedShannon Head of Household Nominated Evicted
(Day 40)
Toon 07 Head of HouseholdAutumnShannon Nominated Evicted
(Day 33)
Toon 08 NicoleAutumn Nominated Evicted
(Day 26)
Toon 09 Sheryl Nominated Evicted
(Day 19)
Toon 10 Nominated Evicted
(Day 12)
Toon 12 Expelled
(Day 10)
Notes See
note 1
note 2
note 3
note 4
note 5
Expelled Justin none
Evicted Sheryl

X of X votes
to evict


X of X votes
to evict


X of X votes
to evict


X of X votes
to evict


X of X votes
to evict


X of X votes
to evict

No Eviction Bunky

X of X votes
to evict

Toon 09

Toon's 11 choice
to evict

Toon 10

Toon's 12 choice
to evict

Toon 11
X votes
to win

Toon 12
X votes
to win

^Note 1: Justin was expelled from the game after constant rule breaking. Eviction continued as normal.
^Note 2: Due to Justin's expulsion, there was no Head of Household, nominations or evictions in Week 7.
^Note 3: During the eviction of Week 8, Hardy as the HoH had to vote to break a tie.
^Note 4: In the final week, the HoH is the only HouseGuest eligible to vote for eviction since the other two HouseGuests are up for eviction by default.
^Note 5: Votes in the finale are cast for the HouseGuest's choice to win, not for who to evict. Both finalists were permitted to nullify one of the HouseGuest's final vote without knowing for whom the vote was cast. Nicole nullified Shannon's vote. Will nullified Bunky's vote.



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